You Are Never Powerless

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Motivation

You are never powerless because you have choice at every point. You’ve even had the power to make choices to be powerless. Why not make a choice now to be powerful? Why not use your power to bring your reference point back to you, to claim your strengths, your abilities, your gifts and your talents? If you will own your power, you will find that you can change anything.

Step into your power

For you to step into your power, you must take your power back from those warped and twisted definitions of power. You’ve had power to just give away and you need to take it back from all the authorities to whom you have given it to. Below is a powerful technique given by a group of non-physical beings that I am friends with called Galexis:

1. In your mind, see the person or thing out there that you are giving energy to. If it’s a thing, then personify it.
2. Imagine the power as a ball of light and mentally reach out and grab the power from them and bring it back into you.
3. While doing this, take a big in breath while saying, “Power that I gave to you, return to Me. Power Return to Me.” Repeat this three times.
4. Now, sense yourself as being really large, about 15-20 feet and see yourself looking down at this person. You’ve gotten bigger because you took your power back. Notice that they are not as solid or as vibrant because all their intensity of power was your energy.
5. In your mind, thank them for showing you where you gave your power away and for the opportunity to take it back.
6. Then forgive them.
7. And lastly, forgive yourself for giving your power away to them.

Article by:  Sanjay Yadav




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