Why People Break Things, When They Are On Top Of Their Anger!

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is been a long time since, I have written for my blog in my own words because of time constraint. I think this will never end with me, but today I am not talking about the most talked time management concepts, rather I am going to put my thoughts on anger management. Recently, I saw some incidents in real life that provoked me to discuss more on such issues. Anger is one of the eternal elements of our body that we all know, but certainly the level of anger is different for different people. For some people, it is like an addiction and for some it is merely a natural event. As recently, I saw many people being the victim of some brutal angry temptations, which even can’t expressed in words. Few days back my brother has smashed T.V remote in the floor so brutally that has broken in to pieces, because of anger caused by certain things. Recently, I came across two more cases like this; one of my close friends has smashed his mobile phone into the ground after having a fight with his girlfriend and similarly a person in a public place has broken his glasses because he could not hold his anger after being abused by another person.

All these incidents reflect the worst side of human nature. What is that particular element in our body or mind that ignites us to smash things, when we are at peak of our anger. To be very honest many times, I have been the victim of such deadly temptations as well and perhaps you may also experienced the same at some point of time in your life. Since long, I have been wondering what are the forces behind such awful acts or is it an outcome of series of certain events occurring continuously causes such high voltage temptations in our brain. But, on other side of the story lies the question, what happens after they do it? In all the cases, I realized that after doing such act, all of a sudden their anger gets vanished to an extent. They feel more compose, calm and relaxed afterwards and also regret for what they have done.  Such events not only cause them financial damage but also causes huge amount of personal damage. Their worst aggression could also harm people around them, as their senses doesn’t able to control their temptations and unable to differentiate between good or bad.

Now, above two paragraphs I have discussed about the pre and post affects of anger, but the major questions here still is the same. Had those issues been resolved, which are responsible for occurrence of such events? Anyone can certainly bet on this and the obvious answer is No. I still don’t know what to call those things like events, consequences, issues, circumstances, problems or nothing but a mania. So, are these people are maniacs? Because if problems can get resolved by smashing or breaking objects, then the whole world would have become the big junkyard and people are still happy.

Now, here is the trickiest angel of the story. After hitting objects problem remains the same but anger gets vanished. I mean this entire thing is really confusing, if you seriously read the whole story you must be wondering what exactly it is and there will be many things tickling inside your mind. Read this line carefully “How could it happen that the things which caused such huge angrily temptations still remains unresolved, but the anger gets off after certain rigorous events”. I have been thinking strongly about the forces responsible for such events or is there any logic behind this that only our strings can understand. But, why this happens exactly? The question still remains unanswered.


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