How to get self motivated?

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well it’s been quite drilling and frankly speaking not a easy job to be self motivated. Remarkably it’s quite easy to motivate others but motivating our own soul is not a moon walk surely.

Perhaps you must have gone threw several self motivating exercise and theories before this and I don’t know had you adopted them or not. The concern here is simply asking a simple question that I use to ask to myself and from you again and again.

Why we need this self motivation?

Well very simple question though very difficult to answer for you for me and for anyone else. I am really not a psychologist to tell you deeply about this but I can really put my personal level of thinking and energy to sort out this. There is always an element of uncertainty inside our body and mind which often carries out in our actions. That element is nothing but a “fear”.Some call it “phobia”. People have suffered from phobias like phobia of water, fire,height etc. , but there are some phobias which are non material. Some like that phobia of loosing something or phobia of not facing the problem etc.

Considering these entire factors one must needs a energy vibes which will travel inside the brain and make it to overcome these factors. So that particular energy can be generated by the process called Self Motivation.

Our brain can stimulate a great positive vibes when been self motivated.Which will restore the positive energy and make us feel confident and strong. All Aim towards maintaining a healthy consortium between mind and body, which will ultimately reflect in our SUCCESS.

Factors assembling Self motivation

1. Reach the Sub-Conscious state of mind: The biggest factor which generates the vibes of self motivation is our mind’s subconscious state. For those who don’t know about this, there are three types of states of mind 1.consuis 2. Sub-conscious and the last one is unconscious mind. More and more you indulge yourself in to sub conscious state of mind deeper and deeper, you can go inside the mind and perhaps you may get the answers of your question.

2. Sink into Spirituality: This is the one thing which will really help you out to get self motivated. Believe me it doesn’t matter that whether you believe in god or not but spirituality never always mean indulging our mind and soul in devotion of God. Spirituality may also come from any one whom you praise. Who is your inspiration? Which may be your parents, your teacher, and your favorite celebrity, your best friend or may be some spiritual “guru”? The idea is to concentrate and follow your mind to your inspiration and get inspired by their work. Try to adapt it in your self only and you will feel the change for sure.

3. Remember your good time: Well this is always said bad time come and go but good time always remains alive in our memories. That’s the most natural phenomenon happen in human beings. No one wants to take the burden of bad memories. Every one wants to recollect all the good memories for ever in the life. Once you feel depressed just go back to your memory lanes and filter all the good memories or any thing which marks your achievement in the past. Then display it in your mind screen. Then automatically you will feel the change and immediately you will be recharged and rejuvenated.

4. Try to enjoy every moment: Well perhaps this may be very easy to say or write but that much difficult to adapt and follow it. We need self motivation only in our bad time, since in good time we already get enough energy from the environment and don’t need to search for it. Although no body can make fun in bad time till they are human. Bad time allows a frustration and irritation from every thing even though they are not bad but because of the negative vibes running inside our mind every thing looks bad. So keep yourself motivated the best thing is to take the peace of enjoyment from small things.

5. Take some health lessons: Now this is more practical from above mentioned points. There is famous saying “Healthy mind resides in Healthy body” .Just follow this routinely .It normally happens when we face the tough time we skip our meals ,drink less water, forget to do workouts and try to get more and more caffeine or any other drugs. But since say’s we should eat more and more and do more workouts in such situation. When your body responds well and remains energetic it will send some positive signals to your mind and your mind will remain intact and energetic as well.


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