What is Positive Energy?

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the time that I should explore my all positive vibes and burst my head in delivering the best article on Positive Energy. I had been researching a lot many things all across the web, surveyed the people, taken help from some spiritual guru’s and also done some mythological study. Despite of all that my aim is to get the answers of these three questions still not accomplished:

What is positive energy?

Why we need positive energy?

How can we get positive energy?

Where is the origination of word positive?

Now at the end of the day at least something which I can share with you. Remember, this might not be the answers of my question they are still unanswered. I don’t know how many of us use to think about this and again the same question arises; what is the need of thinking this way?

These days whether I switch on television or else talk to some one  or listen some spiritual guru, every one speaks one word that is B-positive. Unfortunately science doesn’t have the proper designation of this word apart from B+ ve blood group, to tell us the truth with evidence. Think once; in recent days, months or years how many people talked about the B-positive thing to you or it may be vice-versa.

What exactly is the driving force in this word which actually made one of the most motivational words for all of us. From sports person to politicians; Businessman to Professors; Students to Celebrities, every one just cant hold keep talking of this so positive term. I could be our self belief which acts as this positive energy for all of us and which makes us striving hard to attain what we aim for. But still one question still tickling in my mind is not having positive energy means we are enforced by negative energy? I will keep exploring about this and will update in my next coming articles.


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